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Copywriting SERVICES


What is a copywriter?

“What’s a copywriter?” is the most common question I get asked.  My answer is that if you read something on a company’s website, a blog article, a press release, an educational booklet, even a product description; you’re reading the work of a copywriter.

DO I NEED TO HIRE a copywriter?

If you want to communicate with any kind of audience – potential customers, clients, fans, students – then you need online copy.  That’s what I specialise in and can help you with.

Are you a local business who want an eye-catching business description for your social media pages?  Are you an organisation that wants a blog on their website to help increase visitor numbers?  Are you an educational workshop looking for someone to write and research your material?  Do you have some great news about your business that you want to share with local press and trade journals?

If so, I’d love to chat with you and offer my help.  Click on the ‘Contact’ section at the top of the page or email office@scritticopy.com